Margaux’s Story


Margaux is a Standard Poodle born in 2004, who recently became blind and deaf due to an autoimmune disease she’s battled for the last 3 years. Her nickname is The Awesome and Amazing Margaux thanks to her inspiring nature and persistent attitude to learn something new every day. She loves to dance to Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke” (even though she can’t hear it) and going on hikes with the Jordan family. You can follow her progress learning how to adapt to being blind and deaf.


About 4 weeks ago, my Poodle Margaux had both eyes removed, and we learned that her hearing was gone. We didn’t know what to do at first. She’s 12 and had a great life, but Laura and I decided she deserved a chance to continue on so long as she had some quality of life, which we decided was possible, with a lot of work.

So, in 4 short weeks, with the help of her team, and she has one, she has done AMAZING. I am documenting her story here Root for Poodle Margaux for those of you who are interested in her progress.

She is truly awesome and amazing, and that’s why we call her that! She takes everything life gives her, in the darkness and silence, and says “is that all you got? I can handle this. I just need a little help.” And she does it with this HUGE smile at all times.

She is inspiring me and causing me to slow down a bit and dedicate myself to her needs. For those of you with kids, you will understand this. I don’t have kids, but my poodles, Chloe, Margaux, Susie, and Rhonda!, are my children.

Please head over to Root for Poodle Margaux, like it and share her story with your friends. There are so many important lessons animals can teach us.

Margaux’s Sisters


Susie is a Standard Poodle born in 2011 and is the middle child of the Jordan Poodle Gang. According to Scott, Susie has a severe case of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – and always wants to be involved with every activity. After work and on the weekends you can find Susie hiking with the Jordan family or lounging around their house.


Chloe is a Standard Poodle born in 2004 and is the alpha dog of the Jordan Poodle Gang. Chloe is a huge prankster and always likes to play tricks on her sisters as well as Laura and Scott. Chloe enjoys hiking with the Jordan family and hanging out on the sundeck.


Rhonda! is a Standard Poodle born in 2015 and is the baby of the Jordan Poodle Gang. She’s the only poodle of the bunch likes to swim and is learning to be an expert frisbee catcher.

Lovingly referred to as “Imitation Chloe,” you can find Rhonda! on hikes with the Jordan family or playing with her friend Karlie on the 3rd floor.

         Through this experience
    she became known as
  ‘The Awesome and Amazing Margaux!’

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